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Monday, March 19, 2007

Don’t you want to be notified when your class blog is updated or when someone comments on your blog?

みなさん、おげんきですか。ヘルプデスクの おざわみどり です。
How was your spring break? I hope you enjoyed it or at least could make yourself relaxed.

This posting is a tip on your blogger life.

1) If you want to be notified when your class blog is updated, use "Posts" feed URL.
2) If you want to be notified when someone comments on your blog, use "Post Comments" feed URL.

Section 1
What are the "Posts" feed URL and "Post Comments" feed URL?
1)"Posts" feed URL
Go to the top page of your class blog, and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)." Click on "Posts (Atom)." The URL of the page that loads is the "Posts" feed URL (The appearance of the page depends on which browser and/or browser version you are using). For your class blog, the "Posts" feed URL is
* If you are an Internet Explore user, please read the note below.
2)"Post Comments" feed URL
A "Post Comments" feed URL is set up for each post. To get the "Post Comments" feed URL, go to the top page of your blog and click on the post for which you want to be notified if comments are added. The following example shows how to find the "Post Comments" feed URL using our class blog. On our class blog, there is a posting called "さくぶんコンテスト:べんりなウェブサイト." If you want to be notified when someone comments on this post, use the "Post Comments" feed URL. The "Posts" feed URL explained above does not detect comment updates. It only detects post updates. But if you want to know comment updates, click the title of the post, "さくぶんコンテスト:べんりなウェブサイト." You will jump to "さくぶんコンテスト:べんりなウェブサイト" post page. At the left bottom of the page, you will see Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). If you click "Post Comments (Atom)", it will lead to another page. The URL shown on that page is the "Post Comments" feed URL.
*If you are an Internet Explore user, please read the note below.

How can I use the "Posts" feed URL and the "Post Comments" feed URL to receive notifications?
The easiest way is to use Google reader.
Step 1) Go to the Google reader website,
Step 2) Sign in to Google Reader
Step 3) After signing in, you will see the "Add subscription" menu in the left frame. Click it.
Step 4) You will see "Enter a search term to find feeds or paste a feed URL."
Step 5) Enter (type or paste) the "Posts" feed URL or the "Post Comments" feed URL that you have already retrieved through the procedure outlined in Section 1 above. Click the "Add" button.

This convenient notification function is called "site feed." Google reader provides only basic functions. If you want to know more about this function, please read the information at
The advantage of Google reader is that you don't need to install any software, but the disadvantage is that Google reader takes longer than other software to display updates. It depends how fast you want to receive update notifications. There is a variety of software that supports the site feed function, including some freeware. You can find software information at

If anyone has a special recommendation for software, please leave your comments on this blog.

************Note for Internet Explore users***************
Even though you click "Posts (Atom)" or "Post Comments (Atom)," IE doesn't automatically jump to another page. You need to retrieve the "Posts" or "Post Comments" feed URL manually. Right click on "Posts (Atom)" or "Post Comments (Atom)" and select "shortcut copy." When you paste it into a notepad or word, then you can see the URL.

If you have any questions about the site feed function or how to set it up, please let me know by sending email to

ヘルプデスクの おざわみどり より

Thursday, March 08, 2007