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きょう (12/5) のラボ

ポッドキャストのひょうか(Podcast Evaluation): Our podcasts are finally posted to this blog!
  • Evaluate your own and classmates' podcasts on scale of 1-5 (5 being most successful).
  • Leave comments on our class blog (each podcast is published as a post to our class blog, so leave a comment for each podcast/post).
  • Answer the survey on the project.
* If this blog's post isn't working, CLICK HERE.

Oral Interviewのれんしゅう
  • After you finish the podcast evaluation, practice for the oral interview with your partner.
If you cannot finish the three parts of the podcast evaluation (scores, comments, and survey), whatever you haven't finished is your homework due Thursday, Dec. 6 by the time of your oral interview.

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