Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Evaluation Criteria

Here's the list of things you should check when you evaluate your classmates' Podcast programs. Remember that these are what you think are important to make a good Podcast program!

Evaluation Criteria (Suggested by all of you)

1. Content
- interesting
- informative
- entertaining
- concise
- humorous
- honest
- flow of ideas/organization
- creative
- consistent in its theme or the topic
- begin with a brief introduction
- music; sound effects to lighten the mood
- something unique or 'catchy'

2. Audience
- well-targeted, appealing to the masses
- engaging
- know your audience and cater to them

3. Quality of Recording
- clear pronunciation
- relatively slow
- with tone variation
- easy to understood
- fluent, and easy to understand
- proper words
- grammatically correct script

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