Tuesday, February 06, 2007



I. Task
You are writing a letter to your host family in Japan. In the letter, tell them what you did during winter break (冬休み).

II. Steps
  1. Brainstorm ideas.
  2. Organize your ideas and prepare an outline.
  3. Write the first draft using the outline.
  4. Write the final draft.

III. Rules
  1. Write by hand. DO NOT type.
  2. Use only those patterns you have learned so far.
  3. You are expected to demonstrate that you can apply what you have learned so far in writing simple, coherent, and straightforward passages. If you can't express your ideas using the sentence structures you have learned, then try simplifying the sentences.
  4. Try to use various adjectives, adverbs, and conjunctions (e.g., そして, 〜が、).

IV. Tips
  • Think about what you did during winter break.
  • Describe each activity concretely and comment on it (e.g., how you felt, what you thought about it).
  • Make sure to provide a summary or conclusion at the end of your composition (e.g., a comment on winter break in general)
  • Simply listing what you did is NOT a good composition!

V. Grading Criteria
  1. Content: Does the content of your essay match the topic? Have you provided enough details? Is the content creative?
  2. Organization: Have you done a good job of organizing your paragraphs? Do you express your ideas clearly and coherently?
  3. Language Use: Have you made any grammar mistakes (particles, tense, forms, etc.)? Have you used vocabulary that best expresses intended meaning?
  4. Challenge: Have you used an appropriate mix of the vocabulary and sentence patterns that you have learned so far? Have you used complex sentences when appropriate?
  5. Mechanics: Have you spelled words correctly? Have you punctuated sentences correctly (。and 、)?

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