Thursday, November 08, 2007

みんなのしつもん 4

I suppose English and Japanese differentiate siblings based on different criteria. In English, whether or not one shares a parent is conveyed in family terms---stepbrother, half sister, etc, while in Japanese age is important---あね, いもうと etc. I think one is likely to call his/her half brother or sister as if they have the same parents: あに/おとうと or あね/いもうと.

Having said that, here are words.
  • はらちがいのあに/あね/おとうと/いもうと(「はらちがい(腹違い)」means "different stomach")
  • いぼきょうだい(異母兄弟)(brothers whose mothers are different)
  • いぼしまい(異母姉妹)(sisters whose mothers are different)
  • いふきょうだい(異父兄弟)(brothers whose fathers are different)
  • いふしまい(異父姉妹)(sisters whose fathers are different)
かぞくのことばは、むずかしいですねえ... (*´Д`)=3ハァ・・・

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