Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Make sure that someone in your group take responsibility for submitting the required materials.

十一月八日(木):Draft podcast and script by 11 AM

  • Audio/Video file
    • Upload your podcast to "Shared Files" in CourseWorks. Don't forget to bring the audio/movie file on a storage device (CD, flash drive, etc.) for back-up.
    • Required format: audio = MP3; movie = QuickTime (MOV)
  • Script
    • Email your script to mf2249.
十一月十三日(火):Peer review @IAB lab
  • We will go to IAB lab and watch/listen to your classmates' podcasts and give feedback.
十一月二十七日(火):Final version of podcast and script with information for broadcast through iTunes
  • Audio/Video file
    • Upload the final version of your podcast to "Shared Files" in CourseWorks. Make sure to have its back-up.
  • Script
    • Email the final version of your script to mf2249.
  • Information about your podcast
    • With your script, email me the following information in JAPANESE.
      • title of your podcast
      • names of your group members (how you want to be named as "authors")
      • short description of your podcast (1-2 sentence(s))
      • keywords (2-3 words that describe your podcast)

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