Thursday, October 11, 2007


Goals: You will have the chance to...
  1. Actively express your opinions to a real audience in Japanese.
  2. Consider first-hand how big media operates and presents information
    The worldwide audience of Japanese-speakers interested in New York, Columbia University, or life at an American university – and also your classmates, of course!
    We will create approx. 5-minute radio or TV programs about life at Columbia University or in New York City.
  1. Discuss what constitutes a good podcast.
  2. Everyone will decide on the criteria that we will use to critique our own and each other’s podcasts.
  3. Keeping #2 in mind, we will form groups of 2-3 people and create podcasting scripts. Everyone will write scripts that should be of interest to a Japanese university student curious about life at an American university or in a big city in the U.S.
  4. We practice reading the scripts in a natural manner. (If it is necessary, students should memorize their scripts. The point is that the scripts must NOT sound stilted and unnatural).
  5. Record the podcasts. Resources are available at:
  6. Listen to or watch your classmates’ podcasts and make comments. (Examples: Grammar mistakes; Boring; etc.).
  7. Correct and improve the scripts based on feedback from your classmates.
  8. Record a second time.
  9. We post the podcasts online (blog and iTunes), and allow a worldwide audience to listen or watch.
  10. Listen to or watch the podcasts created by you and your classmates; critique them.

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