Wednesday, October 03, 2007

10/3 (W):きょうのラボ(らぼ)

Today, we're going to work on the self-introduction piece. If you need help, ask your classmates.

1) Revise the self-introduction piece based on the comments from your classmates.

2) Record the self-introduction using Wimba.
  1. Log into CourseWorks.
  2. Click on "DISCUSSION" and log in again.
  3. Once you see Wimba Voice Board, click on "New" and start recording your self-introduction. For more information on how to use Wimba, go to:
3) Type the self-introduction piece in Japanese (no roma-ji) on your blog.
  • You may modify information about yourself if you do not wish to reveal your real identity.
4) Listen to your classmates' self-introductions and comment.
  1. Highlight the posting to which you want to respond.
  2. Click on "Reply".
  3. Either type or record your reply.
  4. Click on "Send" when you are done.
5) Post your recording on your blog (optional).
  • If you want to post recording on your blog, you need to let me know so that I can export the file as MP3 (I'm the only person who are authorized to do it).
  • Upon your request, I will export the file and upload it onto the program's server. Then, I will email you the URL of your file so that you can embed the player in your post.
  1. In "Create" under "Posting" in Blogger, click on the "Edit Html" tab.
  2. Copy and paste the tag below to the place where you want the player to appear.
  3. Click on "PUBLISH" and check your blog to make sure that the player works properly.
*embed src="URL_EMAILED_TO_YOU" width="170" height="30" autoplay="false" autostart="false" controller="true"#*/embed#

In this tag, replace:
  • * with <
  • # with >
  • URL_EMAILED_TO_YOU with the real URL I will send you after exporting and uploading the file


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I would like an mp3 of my greeting.


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