Monday, October 22, 2007

みんなのしつもん (questions)3

  • What are differences among 「Sが、〜」、「Sけど」、「S。でも、〜」?

  • We learned「Sが、〜」today as "but". There are other ways to say "but" in Japanese, and「Sけど」and「S。でも、〜」are two of them.
    • 「Sけど」(L20): an informal equivalent of「Sが、〜」
    • 「S。でも〜」(L12): "but"; the difference between「Sが、〜」and「S。でも〜」is how they connect two sentences. While「が」is directly attached to the preceding sentence, 「でも」must come after the finished sentence (i.e., sentence with a period).
    More formal version of「でも」is「しかし」. It's probably used only in formal writing such as a report.

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