Wednesday, October 10, 2007

みんなのしつもん (questions)2

My answers to some questions asked in class today...

  • "I miss you"は、にほんごでなんですか。
  • 「あなたにあえなくて、さみしい」です。Replace あなた with the person's name if you have someone in particular in mind.
  • Particle に marks the destination ("to" in English) or time (at, in). Why is it used in わたしは ふかいせんせいににほんごをならいます?
  • Some particles have many meanings, and に is one of them. According to one grammar book I have, に has 8 meanings! Each meaning surfaces depending on which noun, verb, or construction に is used with. With ならいます/かります, に is used to mark the origin: In the example above, knowledge of にほんご comes from ふかいせんせい, i.e., the origin of にほんご is ふかいせんせい, so you mark ふかいせんせい with に.

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